Board of Directors

Christian Fréchette, President
Denis Thivierge, Vice President
Harold Ashenmil, Treasurer

Steve Ceccolini
Archie Cifelli
Josée Côté
Paolo Galati
Hrair Ketchedjian
Jennifer Maccarone
Andre Michalopoulos
David Paulozza
Ailsa Pehi
Ed Turchyniak
Alan Simoneau


Maxeen Jolin
Susan O'Keeffe

The SWLF has benefited from a strong commitment from the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. In its first years the Foundation devoted time and effort to define the mission of the SWLF, prepare a marketing plan and an action plan, establish measurable financial objectives and build up a public image.

The SWLF has been striving mainly to fill the technological gap public schools are facing. Therefore, most of its revenues were used to acquire technology-based educational material.

The SWLF must attune to its communities. Namely, it wishes to increase the participation level of parents, teachers and administrators in its activities. The SWLF would also like to increase its network of private donors and sponsors, both at the regional and provincial levels.

To contact any members of the board of directors, please email