Summer School 2019 - Classes begin on July 8, 2019

Summer School


Online registrations available on July 2

Click here ON JULY 2 to register on-line.

Secondary 1 to 3 students should receive their last report card from the school at the end of June. Please ensure that you have your school report card on hand upon ONLINE registration for summer school classes.

As of July 5, secondary 4 & 5 students will have access to their MEES final marks by accessing the Mozaïk Parent Portal (under "résultats ministériels")

Click here to access MOZAÏK PARENT PORTAL (ONLY available as of July 5).

2019 Summer School Exams (From July 26 to August 2)


For more information, contact your school guidance counsellor. As of July 2, 2019, you can reach the Summer School offices at 450-621-5600, ext. 8560