2001 Guy
Deux-Montagnes, QC
J7R 1W6
Phone : 450 621-7780
Fax : 450 472-6804

Mountainview Elementary School

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Philosophy / Mission

Mountainview Elementary School is committed to developing the academic, social, and emotional potential of all our students. This is achieved by providing a caring and welcoming environment for all our families. Community partners and parents work together with staff, to support and challenge all children to achieve their full potential. Our motto "Mountainview Cares" represents our core belief that children will learn best and flourish in a caring environment, and that teaching children to care, will benefit individuals and society. Our motto embodies all aspects of our school experience.

Mountainview Elementary CARES about:
Community, Diversity and Social Responsibility
Autonomy and Self-Awareness
Respect for Self, Others and Environment
Excellence in Academics and Life Skills
Safety and Security

General Information

Mountainview Elementary School was established in 1960 as St- Eustache sur-le-Lac Elementary. It was renamed Mountainview Elementary in 1973. While located in Deux-Montagnes, Mountainview also serves the population of St- Eustache, Oka, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Pointe-Calumet, Saint-Augustin, Saint-Benoit and Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, as well as a small corner of Mirabel.

Many of our 280 students have parents who graduated from Mountainview - we are truly a community school.

In 2007 Mountainview was named by Today's Parent as one of Canada's top 30 schools.

In 2013 We won the Jasmine Roy foundation award and in 2014 we won the GRIS Simple Plan award for our pioneering work against bullying through our Week Against Homophobia Program.

Parent Participation

The Mountainview Elementary School Governing Board meets once per month, as does the Parent Participation Organization (PPO). We have an extremely active volunteer program, with about 2 000 hours of time donated each year by parents, grandparents and community members. Our PPO fundraising activities contribute thousands of dollars every year to the extracurricular, co-curricular and educational activities of the school.


Whole School Integration of Technology
Over the last 5 years Mountainview has been steadily increasing the classroom technology availability to our students.

Cycle 3 Bring Your Own Device Program.

All elementary classrooms have a smartboard: As of Fall 2013 all of our Kindergarten, Cycle 1, 2 and 3 classes have a smart board.

Apple TVs: Kindergarten classrooms and our Music room, and Daycare have HD wide screen TVs with Apple TV.

KinderTech: In addition to the HD screens, with a dedicated laptop, Kindergarten also have networked computers, dedicated ipads and a smart table for regular student use.

Laptops: students have nh.

iPads: Mountainview currently has 32 ipads (not including dedicated ipads for some students). 12 of the ipads are dedicated to our Kindergarten students, the other 20 are shared by the Cycle 1, 2, and 3 classes.

We are Leaders in Education and Pedagogy.
Mountainview continues to participate in partnerships with McGill and Concordia for both the training of teachers and for pilot research projects.


Day Care

Mountainview Daycare is a MELS-regulated service which cultivates and nurtures positive relationships between members of the Daycare staff, students and parents. The Daycare offers activities such as sports, arts & crafts, games and special activities to all our daycare students while providing time for reading and outdoor play. Pedagogical days include in-school and fieldtrip activities.

Community involvement

Mountainview students have many opportunities throughout the year to experience the rewards of helping others. During the last year our students were involved in the following projects:

  • Terry Fox Run: Mountainview students participate in the annual Terry Fox Run
  • Halloween collection boxes for the Montreal Children's Hospital.
  • Remembrance Day Celebration: Students brought in donations for poppies distributed by two active Canadian peacekeepers.
  • Christmas Food Drive and Holiday Concert: Every year boxes of food are donated from Mountainview families to Agapé.
  • Kindergarten 100th Day of School Celebration: Kindergarten students brought in and donated 100 cans of food to Agapé.
  • Jump Rope for Heart: Every year students raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
  • National Denim Day : Students and staff contribute funds to be sent to the CURE Foundation.
  • End of year Concert and Food Drive: Food was donated from Mountainview families to Agapé.
  • Week To End Homophobia: Students and staff participated in a school wide week of activities designed to end homophobia in our schools and in our society.
  • Our caring students took the initiative to organize a fundraising campaign to help children in Africa
  • Kindergarten recycled white T-shirts by decorating and sewing the shirts into bags. The bags were sent to students in Africa.

Events and activities

Mountainview House System

Our House System encourages students to form positive relationships with students in different levels and rewards students for positive behaviour. Students receive various rewards including house pins, pizza lunches and freezie breaks.

  • House Leaders: Cycle 3 students act as Masters of Ceremonies at school assemblies, plan and implement fund raising activities and represent the student body.
  • Variety Show: an afternoon and evening production showcasing the many talents of our students.
  • Family Movie Nights invite families to come and watch an evening movie complete with popcorn and drinks in a family-friendly environment at the school.
  • Halloween, Christmas and Spring Carnival days invite students to participate in various student led games and activities.
  • I Love to Read Weeks celebrates our love of reading
  • Winter Carnival Week: a week of activities both inside and outside with a school trip
  • Intramural sports program at lunch.
  • Various clubs (chess, knitting, cooking, spelling bee) during lunch
  • After school activities such as : Mad Science, and
  • 120 minutes of Physical Education per week:
  • Grade 6 and Kindergarten Graduation Ceremonies

School Wide Events

We believe that coming together as a school is essential to maintain our caring family atmosphere and values. During the last year we came together as a school for the following events:

  • Remembrance Day: Celebration of peace and remembrance
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Professional Theatre Company play presentation by Geordie Productions
  • Opening Day Assembly
  • Anti-Homophobia Week
  • Jump Rope for Heart awards Assembly
  • I Love to Read Weeks culminating in a celebration and Assembly
  • Halloween Carnival
  • Terry Fox Run and Assembly
  • Winter Carnival Week
  • Science Fair day and evening
  • Variety Show day and evening
  • Earth Day Celebration Assembly
  • School Tubing outing at Pays d'en Haut
  • Outdoor Field Day and BBQ
  • Ice Cream Truck
  • Kindergarten and Grade 6

Extracurricular & After-School Activities

Lunchtime activities are planned and supervised free of charge by the teachers. After school activities are provided by outside sources; parents pay various fees depending on the activity.

Activities included:

Lunch Activities:

  • Intermural sports activities
  • Jump rope club
  • Board games club
  • Gymnastics club
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

After-School Activities:

  • Edu-Action with Dynamix