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Laval, QC
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Phoenix Alternative High School

About us

Phoenix Alternative High School can be found nestled in the tranquil residential neighborhood of Duvernay, Laval. Our program services students who are in need of a different and more flexible school environment. Our program offers a pathway towards high school credentials. We offer active, secondary 3, 4 and 5 MEES programs.


In 1981, Phoenix was created. Inspired by the vision of the Teacher's Union and the Laurenval School Board (a predecessor of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board), the tenet of the Phoenix experience is the understanding that our students need compassion and understanding. In honoring the legacy, our commitment is to support our students and believe in them, especially when they have not yet found the courage to believe in themselves.


The philosophy of Phoenix is to provide an opportunity for every student to have a fresh start. Expectations and goals for academic, personal and social growth are clearly outlined. The school emphasizes student accountability to reach those goals. The school is committed to working with students to find the means and strategies for achieving these goals.

The legend & the Phoenix in us all

Another profound and universal symbol of transformation comes to us in the ancient legend of the phoenix. That legend can be found, in one version or another, in many countries, including Egypt, Persia, Greece, China, and Ireland. It tells of an amazing bird who, at a ripe old age, builds a nest for itself, ignites it, and is consumed by the fire. From the ashes of its own ending, a new phoenix emerges.

All these traditions and many more are meant to remind us that we, too, are engaged in a continual dance of transformation as our outworn understandings, possessions, habits, relationships, and ways of being give way to new ones. When an ending comes knocking, you need not fear. Honor it and know that you, too, have the phoenix inside of you.

Excerpted from chapter 10 of Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving by Patricia Spadaro.

How are we alternative?

We offer:

  • student success team approach
  • smaller school size
  • more personal setting
  • lower student-teacher ratio
  • caring and supportive environment with dedicated school team
  • flexible and innovative learning and teaching
    • individualized schedules
    • student-centered curriculum
    • differentiation
    • accommodations for learning
  • program with emphasis on character education
  • supervised environment
  • support group for parents one evening per month
  • commitment to building a strong sense of community
  • opportunities to engage in extra-curricular activities and field trips


There will be an interview for acceptance into the program as there are limited spaces.

Goals for students:

  • Take responsibility for your learning
    • Have a fresh start, to learn, to grow, to make mistakes and to achieve small successes every hour of every day
  • Develop coping skills, and skills such as anger management, impulse control, conflict resolution, and social problem-solving


  • We will work with you to set goals and map out action plans to achieve them.
  • We value you taking ownership of your choices.
  • If concerns or issues come up, we will be working with you to find solutions to solve the problem; we use a coaching model.
  • We will work in close collaboration as a school team, with your parent(s), guardian(s), social worker and/or probation officer to celebrate your small successes and to find solutions for challenges.
  • Attendance will be monitored daily.
  • To keep you safe and value the integrity of learning, students must remain on school property for the duration of the day.
  • Break(s) are supervised.

Student Life

You will be able to experience a range of experiences that will enrich your life. School is about getting involved and learning by doing.

  • Participate in field trips
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Participate in wilderness and outdoor experiences
  • Hear the stories and insights of guest speakers
  • School activities and theme days
  • Volunteer / community work


Our program is a year-long program and we have continuous intake of students throughout the year, should we not be at capacity (maximum 80 students). Schedules are individualized and we offer all core subjects for high school graduation.

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