122 St. Jude
Deux-Montagnes, QC
J7R 3L6
Phone : 450 621-7805
Fax : 450 473-9929

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St. Jude Elementary School

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Philosophy / Mission

St. Jude School is dedicated to quality education and the development of the whole person in mind, body and spirit. Our aim is to promote academic excellence through the acquisition of basic skills, good work habits, self-esteem, a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. Every student is encouraged to work to the best of his/her abilities. The cooperative involvement of all partners of St. Jude School is strongly encouraged in order to build a curriculum and develop activities which best respond to the needs of our students and our school community.

General Information

St. Jude School is located north of Montreal in picturesque Deux- Montagnes, Quebec. The school houses 364 students and has a long and proud history of academic excellence. There is a strong sense of family and community involvement at St-Jude. Most of our students go on to high school at Lake of Two Mountains.

There is a strong emphasis on academics, healthy lifestyle and cultural heritage at St. Jude.

Parent Participation

St. Jude has a very active and dedicated Parents Participatory Organization which meets monthly to organize fundraising and social activities for our students. Parents are actively engaged in our school as volunteers in classrooms as well as for special events. Our Governing Board meets monthly as well and all parents are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings.


The basic language of instruction at St-Jude is English. We accentuate the importance of mastering a high level of written and spoken English upon completion of the Elementary program. Likewise, we recognize and emphasize the importance of acquiring a good working knowledge of the French language. Our program of studies is also composed of Mathematics, Reading Recovery, Science and Technology, Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education, each contributing to the development of skills and concepts essential to becoming knowledgeable and effective lifelong learners.


St.Jude offers special programs of study adapted to the needs of our students. The Reading Recovery program is offered to help students become successful and confident readers. Our School for Success program also focuses on giving students in need extra assistance with their academics.

St.Jude has a full computer lab as well as computers in individual classes, a full library, music room, cafeteria and large gymnasium and a school-based day care (before and after school). The services of a school nurse, dental hygienist, social worker and resource teacher are also available. A full cafeteria service is available; all the homemade meals are prepared each day on site.

Events and activities

  • Lunch time and after school sports activities
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Family gatherings
  • Banking services for students
  • CLSC Dental Awareness
  • Halloween Safety and Party Night
  • Winter Carnival and Santa Claus Parade
  • Social Skills Programs
  • Jump-A-Thon
  • Lunchtime activities: music, dance, drama and science programs
  • After school Newspaper Club
  • Christmas Party

Other Information

St. Jude Elementary School provides a positive environment whereby children are motivated and happy. All individuals working and volunteering within the school and community have a commitment in contributing to the well-being of the students of our school.