26 Napoleon
Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC
J8C 1Z3
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Ste-Agathe Academy

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Philosophy / Mission

Ste-Agathe Academy is an English language community school offering instruction in the youth sector from Kindergarten to Secondary V. The mission of the school is to educate, qualify and socialize our students in a setting which values the physical environment and respects the rythm of learning of the individual. With the support of staff and parents, S.A.A. will promote:

  • early literacy and the development of language skills
  • accountability
  • respect of self, peers, code of conduct, community and the environment
  • the creation of lifelong learners
  • the development of goal setting strategies

General Information

Ste-Agathe Academy is located 86 km north of Montreal and has a student population of 356 students from Kindergarten to Secondary V. The school will be celebrating its centennial year in 2004 and has been in its present location since 1950. The school has a proud tradition of academic excellence with a strong emphasis on fluency in both languages.

Parent Participation

Parents are invited to be active partners in the school. This is done through our Governing Board and our Parent Participation Organization which is the driving force behind fundraising for all our student activities and outings. A large number of volunteer parents are involved in reading remediation as well as special projects.


Elementary: All students are encouraged to participate in a full range of academic programs. These are complimented throughout the year with special events such as literary month, young authors, a music program and support programs such as Soundprints and remediation. Social interaction and physical fitness are also promoted through lunchtime activities, a winter and swimming program, special activity days and field trips.

Secondary: Ste-Agathe Academy offers a full range of high school programs. These programs are complemented and supported through traditional means such as help and remediation and through the school success project which offers particular support to second language learners and students at risk.


Ste-Agathe Academy benefits from the services of a library technician, a psychologist, a guidance counsellor, a nurse, a social worker, and a drug education counsellor. Since 2001-2002 we have also begun working with a career orientation counsellor and a spiritual life animator.

Events and activities

Students at S.A.A. are able to participate in many activities ranging from noon hour activities such as hockey, weight lifting, woodworking, yearbook and art, to activities organized by the student council and special day activities.

In 2004, 28 Secondary I and II students will take part in a linguistic exchange with France. All students will be participating in Centennial Year celebrations. Students also have the opportunity to participate in some team sports.

S.AA. students participate actively in community service projects. This year's Terry Fox run raised over $3800 for cancer research. The students also support our local veterans campaign, the daffodil campaign, our local food bank as well as a variety of non-profit organizations.