School Organization & Transportation

The School Organization & Transportation Department provides assistance to each school in the following areas:

School Organization:

  • Student registration
  • Eligibility for English Instruction
  • Temporary authorization to attend an English school
  • Requests to attend a school outside the normal attendance zone
  • Interboard agreements for students outside the Sir Wilfrid Laurier territory
  • Transmission of student marks to the Ministère de l'Éducation
  • Transmission of the official September 30th enrolment
  • Daycare Services


  • Responsibile for the daily operations of the school bus system
  • Establishes bus stops and transfer points
  • Regularly verifies the safety of certain routes (driving procedures, bus stop locations & all other possible hazards).
  • Collaborates with the school administration, bus drivers and all others to provide support services in areas of concerns regarding situations occurring on the buses or at bus stops.
  • Provides schools and bus drivers with student bus lists.
  • Ensures that all contractual obligations are fulfilled.
  • Organizes public awareness & communications campaigns on student bus safety and effective driver awareness and training.
  • Aims to provide safe and reliable transportation services by ensuring the implementation of the Transportation Policy & procedures manual


    Interim Director of School Organization and Transportation Department and Director of Schools
    Stephanie Krenn

    Coordinator of Transportation
    Andrew Robinson

    Administration Officer
    Claudia Giuliani

    Office Agent - School Organization
    Mary Tartaglia

    Administrative Technician
    Marie-France Corbeil
    (Updates MAP INFO software, transportation services for special needs students, STL)

    Transportation Technician
    Cynthia Derynck

    Transportation Technician - 21 hrs - Transportation Sector
    Manon Morand

    Daycare Liaison
    Josée Pominville

    Contact Us

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    Phone : 450 621-5600
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