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Results of the 2010 Défi Climat

438 students and 39 School Board employees registred to the 2010 edition of Défi Climat!  Our planet thanks you!  The combined pledges represent a reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of 2440 tons over the next year.  This is the equivalent GHG released by 750 family cars driving 15 000 km/year!

The top three schools for highest participation rate were given certificates.

  1. Souvenir Elementary School:    52% participation rate 
  2. Genesis Elementary School:      22% participation rate
  3. Ste-Agathe Academy:               14% participation rate

What is Défi Climat?

  • A large mobilization campaign to fight climate change;
  • Hundreds of businesses, public institutions and organizations from all regions of Quebec will participate;
  • More than 50 000 citizens who commit to reducing their emissions of greenhouse gases by changing their lifestyle and travel.
  • The campaign is in effect each year, in March and April.

Why participate in Défi Climat?

  • to do your part for the environment;
  • to be a part in the movement for a more sustainable society;
  • to reduce energy consumption;
  • to respect future generations;
  • to improve health and quality of life;
  • to win prizes!

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