Energy Efficiency at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

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Doing my part

The school board is working hard to reduce its energy consumption and greenhouse 
gas (GHG) emissions. We ask all students, teachers, and staff to please support 
this initiative!

Here a few simple examples of what you can do to help at school and at home.  Become 
an energy efficiency ambassador today!
The hardest part is thinking of it - doing it is easy!

Reducing heat loss through doors and windows

  Heat loss from buildings accounts for a large amount of greenhouse    
  gas (GHG) emissions.  Of all the things you do to reduce energy  
  consumption, this may be the most effective way to reduce the   
  school board’s ecological footprint.

  The heating system of a building is usually on from October to May,   
  and rooms can sometimes be overheated.  One way people try to deal with this is by opening a window.  This is the most wasteful way to deal with this problem.

If your room is overheated:
1- Please inform technical services of this situation. They may be able to solve this problem;
2- Otherwise, try to evacuate the heat from your room to a hallway or other interior space,  
    this way the heat is not lost to the outdoors;
3- As a last option, open an external window, but don’t forget to shut it by the end of 
    the day.

During the winter, even a partly open window wastes a huge amount of energy.  To make up for the energy loss, the heating system must burn additional natural gas or oil, or use electricity to keep the building temperature at the proper set point.  This additional energy consumption is responsible for the increase in GHG emissions.

When opening a door or window during winter, please do so responsibly!

For buildings without ventilation systems:
Opening a window between classes is recommended to circulate the air and maintain proper air quality for students.  Please remember to close the window properly before the students enter the room.