Energy Efficiency at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

An informational and awareness website

Doing my part

The school board is working hard to reduce its energy consumption and greenhouse 
gas (GHG) emissions. We ask all students, teachers, and staff to please support 
this initiative!

Here a few simple examples of what you can do to help at school and at home.  Become
an energy efficiency ambassador today!
The hardest part is thinking of it - doing it is easy!

Turning off the air conditioning

AC is very nice during those hot summer days but comes at a cost in terms of energy use 
and the environment. AC units are large consumers of energy.  A typical AC unit, meant 
to cool a small office or conference room for instance, will waste up to 100$ worth 
of electricity if left running for a 3 weeks summer holiday.  This is equivalent to the 
amount of energy it takes to light a typical family home for an entire year.

Before leaving your office for the weekend, or even for the day, think about turning off 
the AC.  This will translate into financial savings for the school board and environmental conservation for the community!