Energy Efficiency at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

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Doing my part

The schoolboard is working hard to reduce its energy consumption and green house 
gas (GHG) emissions and ask all the students, teachers and staff to support this cause.  
First and foremost, it is a moral assignment that everyone should embrace.

Here a few simple gesture that you can do in your school or even at home!  Become an energy 
efficiency ambassador today!

The hardest part is to think about it - doing it is so easy!

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Used Paper

Paper is derived from trees, a natural resource we should all try to save as much as possible. In addition, logging, processing of pulp into paper, and transportation of the paper to your school takes a large quantity of energy and causes a lot of pollution. The production of a ton of paper pollutes hundreds of gallons of water.

Here’s a summary of the three R’s

1. Reduce consumption of paper

The advent of computers and informatics was supposed to reduce paper usage.  Instead, the amount of paper used per year has quadrupled over the past 15 years! Don’t print documents that could be archived and viewed on your computer or network. If printing is required, print double-sided. Most printers can do this simple step that will save half the paper.

2. Reuse Paper

Paper that has already been used on one side can be used again as writing or drawing paper on the other side. Take it home and use it instead of buying drawing paper or notepads, it will save money as well!

3. Recycling paper

Organize waste paper collection in each class, and designate a student to take it to the school’s central recycling collection.  

Also, use recycled paper whenever possible.  Each ton of regular paper replaced by a ton of recycled paper saves approximately:
-  17 mature trees
-  46,000 litres of water
And also avoids the production of:
-  490 kg of solid waste
-  3 kg of waste suspended in water
-  one ton of atmospheric pollution (particles and/or greenhouse gas)